Mrs Activity – Fun Resources for Parents and Teachers

Mrs Mactivity is a brilliant website for both teachers and parents. Mrs Mactivity is a real visual learning experience. The handouts are bright and engaging, attracting users to them. Mrs Mactivity has thought of everything within her resources. You have a choice of fonts and the seasonal events are for both UK and USA users.

Mrs Mactivity is easy to navigate. Each subject is divided, to make searching that much easier. The resources are tailored to Key Stage 1 or 2. However, they are also perfect for students with a learning disability. The bright colours would attract any student.

Mrs Mactivity describes the resources as adorable, creative learning resources. Made by teachers, tested by kids. We specialise in unique resources, that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Our mission is to change the world through inspiring and fun learning resources. That motivate children to learn, I have to agree with them.

Mrs Mactivity Learning Resources

The ease of use and clear games that Mrs Mactivity has designed also makes this a good site for parents. All any parent would need is a printer and the patience to teach their child.

The site allows you to log on as a free user, gaining access to many resources. If you need the extra resources then it asks that you pay a yearly fee of £9.97 ($13.02.) This yearly payment means that the site contains no advertisements. This further adds to the website experience.

If you don’t see what you need, then email the site. The site boasts, that it will try to accommodate all requests. Mrs Mactivity is a brilliant website which is a must for all parents and teachers.

I received free access to these resources in return for an honest review.

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