Role Model Positive Behaviour To Your Children.

Even with something as simple as rubbish dropping.

We live in a world of consumers. Our capacity as consumers is growing daily.  Is this behaviour a result of advertising or is this learnt behaviour. I recently wrote a post detailing how products were no longer made to last. This caused an increase in rubbish.

However, it is not through our consumerism that we are killing the planet. Many people have a general disregard for the area around them and the planet. You only have to look at the news and see the devastation that rubbish is causing to our marine life to see the problem.

This is learnt behaviour. Generations have learnt from their parents to throw rubbish away, as they walk. We are not teaching the next generation to look after the planet, with this attitude of, dump and walk.

On January 2nd, I took my little girl to the local park for some well needed fresh air. She is 18 months old and loves nothing more than the swing. The local park is situated on a piece of land, in a nearby housing estate. The park has many activities youngsters can try from; zip wires to wooden climbing frames. It is a real family area, with picnic tables and sandpits. Here is the sight that greeted me

My daughter is at the stage of picking up everything. We could not stay in the park, the area were so badly littered. There were also several areas where damage had been done to the activities.

Most people would think, bet it was kids. However, the number of alcohol containers, I would question this. Even if it was teenagers, who has taught them to behave this way? Where are the parents, who failed to teach their young people to respect the environment? It takes five minutes to show your child how to place rubbish in a bin. As you can see there were bins quite close. It takes even less time to role model positive behaviour and place rubbish in the bin yourself.

With all aspects of social development, schools can only teach so much. It is our responsibility as parents and adults to teach the next generation how to behave. Role modelling positive behaviour can take moments and impact your child into adulthood.


Still not convinced that role modelling positive behaviour works?

From the birth of my daughter, I have made a conscious effort not to be seen with a gadget in my hand. Instead, I let my little girl see me with a book. Recently she has become obsessed with everything books. Culminating this week, in my partner sending me this picture.

Role model positive behaviour and provide a responsible next generation. 

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