The Importance Of Spending Quality Time With Your Children by Noemi McElearney

Giving your undivided attention can help your children succeed in the long run 

I come from a family who believes in sticking together but not communicating with each other. This is not helpful. Yes, I understand the importance of family sticking by one another thanks to them.

 However, I communicated poorly with my family members and sought out communication with my peers at school.I don’t think they understood me much, because at home they were receiving the communication they needed from their parents. 

I wasn’t. 

Photo by Sharon McCutcheonon Unsplash

This has taught me an important lesson.  Communication must be key with my children. Talking about any and everything is my number one concern. I’d like my children to get used to telling us (their parents) EVERYTHING. Why? Because I don’t want to miss a single beat!

Spending one on one quality time with each of your kids is necessary in my personal opinion. I come from a family with a ton of kids and I always felt neglected. My parents didn’t spend one on one time with us. I felt like I wasn’t being heard and I was invisible. The ones who got the most attention from my parents acted out. That’s why they acted out, to receive their attention. 

Another important lesson learned. Giving my kids a chunk of my time throughout the day even though I am truly busy, will help them succeed. Not just in their everyday lives, but also their emotional health will benefit greatly.

Photo by Michael Mimson Unsplash

By spending time with your children, you’re assuring them you’ll always be there for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re working they know for a fact that you’re going to be present. They trust you and confide in you. They’re confident you will always talk our their worries and fears with them.

How awesome is that? 

Don’t parents WANT this with their kids? Your children are a mirror of you. Don’t forget that part.

Photo by Humphrey Mulebaon Unsplash

I know parenting is a struggle. I’ve read and seen tons of unfortunate events transpire in people’s lives. I understand communication cannot solve everything. But, it’s a start. You’re trying. What matters most is you’re trying to be the best parent you can be.

Your children won’t forget that. 

You won’t forget that. 

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