Helping Your Child Be Their Very Best by Noemi McElearney

But, are your expectations too high?

Good parents want the absolute best for their children, there’s no doubt about that.

We want them to have every opportunity and chance we didn’t have growing up. That’s an honourable quality. I applaud us for wanting the best for our children.

But, are we putting too much pressure on our kids to succeed?

Could we be pushing them to their limits? 

I’m not speaking from personal experience but I do know a couple of parents who push their kids into their favourite sports. That’s a great thing, I believe unless your child really doesn’t like the sport. 

Photo by Joseph Gonzalezon Unsplash

From my personal experience with my oldest, I know that it’snot beneficial to a child to make them finish a sport they detest. My daughter did NOT like soccer. We took her for most of the season, talking her through it and the importance of NOT quitting, but we missed the final games. Why? She was miserable and not enjoying it.

I chose to not make her feel worse about her decision.

I’ve heard that maybe the second year comes around and they end up loving the sport. We thought about it and decided to wait. We left it at that. A year passed and we did not sign her up again. 


 Because I honestly didn’t feel like she would have enjoyed it. We’re going to try out a new sport/activity to see if she’ll react better to that. I already have one in mind and have signed her up.

 You don’t have to try the same sport over and over again like I’ve seen a few parents do. I truly believe children can pick for themselves.

Photo by Cory Woodwardon Unsplash

I have first handed seen parents pressure their children to go to practice even when they’re clearly exhausted and repeatedly asking to not go. Some of these parents are clearly trying to relive a childhood dream of theirs they didn’t-accomplish. Some simply don’t want to deal with certain attitude problems their child gives them at home. All understandable, just not something I’d do.

Putting too much pressure on anyone isn’t ideal.If you put too much pressure on someone you can cause anxiety or stress in their lives.

Providing your child with a happy and stress-free environment with the freedom to explore different sports or activities, that aren’t set in stone is beneficial for your child.

Children are learning, they grow up so fast. I’m not saying to treat them as adults, but eventually, they will become one. Why not let them have the fun of picking and choosing what sport/activity they’d like to participate in?

There’s a variety of sports/ activities for your child out there.

If one doesn’t work out, fine. You both tried. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out! There’s so much to do in this world! So many new sports/ activities to choose from.

My daughter didn’t like soccer AT ALL (I cannot stress this enough), but my goodness does she love to craft, read, and write. We have a few future sports in mind for her to try out.

I hear plenty of controversy from my parents over trying different sports/activities. The number one is that it can get pricey. Hey, I’m not saying that isn’t true. Because it is. We spent about $100 in total for soccer, of course, we wanted her to enjoy her and benefit from it. But, she didn’t. And that’s okay. 

You can always look unaffordable programs or even after school activities. There’s swimming, ballet, piano lessons, crafting lessons, and lots more. There’s plenty of affordable sports too.

Photo by Alexandre Tsuchiyaon Unsplash

Give your child a variety to choose from. I didn’t have any options as a child. It’s not a great feeling when you get older and you realize everyone in your class did so much, and you did so little. I encourage all you parents out there to try to find a hobby/sport your little enjoys.

Who knows, you could be helping them at an early age to choose their career. That writer’s workshop every summer could be helping the future author in your child to come on out. Those art classes could be helping the little artist in your child to paint their very best. You never know.

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artiston Unsplash

But, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. 

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