Dealing With Toddler Tantrums by Noemi McElearney

Though this is my second time around, don’t underestimate the woes of toddler tantrums. 

Oh, the terrible two’s.

In my case, it’s the terrible one and half going on terrible two’s.

I had forgotten those terrible tantrums. You know the ones I’m talking about. Constant crying and throwing oneself on the floor, inconsolable. Having to deal with the mood swings and trying to help all while attempting to not stress out.


Oh, joy.

With my oldest, the tantrums were the worst. She cried a lot more than my youngest. I mean like an hour of crying. My youngest gets angry faster. Every child is different. Both my babies have a speech delay and the paediatrician says that crying is common, since they can’t say what they want to say yet. 

I completely understand. 

I didn’t know with my first as much about speech delay, but now I know more. I educated myself. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating at times.

Photo by Abbie Berneton Unsplash

I love my little monsters, I really do.

Don’t let the toddler tantrums get to you, is my biggest tip. I used to and you can really waste time being upset. They are babies. Learning, growing, and trying to figure out stuff. Trying to do life and it can be frustrating trying to do everyday activities and not being able to communicate fully how they feel.

Photo by Senjuti Kunduon Unsplash

Get on their level.

I always get down on the floor and try to talk it out with my toddler. Even though she can’t respond well enough yet, she understands my body language and the tone of my voice.

I keep a steady stream of chatter going on, talking her through her emotions (when she’s not in too terrible of a mood), and she likes to hear the soothing tone of my voice, not the angry one. 

Her latest tantrums would have to be whenever my husband and oldest go outside and I’m inside with her. That’s a definite toddler tantrum waiting to happen. I usually ignore her crying and get ready. I put on my jacket, her shoes, and ignore the crying. Why? I get anxiety and I do soothe talk her but I’ve noticed she cries more when I do that. So, I simply keep getting us dressed and breathe through it. 

Photo by Jared Riceon Unsplash

That’s true anxiety there. When you get such strong emotions because you’re not able to immediately help your baby, you get this anxiety feeling, andI’ve learned to cope with it on my own. 

Try to avoid the triggers of a toddler tantrum. You know your baby more than anybody else and you know what upsets your toddler. Try to implement your soothing voice whenever they have a tantrum. Getting angry won’t help at all.

Last but not least, when all else fails hug your baby and hold them.I’m all for trying to help my toddler out but sometimes no means no. And I know it’s not an easy thing to understand at this age.

 Sometimes you can only simply say no and hold them while they cry and try to hug it out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of parenting experts say to not hold your baby too much. Not me. I can’t hold mine enough! They grow up so fast and one day they’re not going to ask for cuddles as much.

Photo by Zahed Ahmadon Unsplash

Dealing with toddler tantrums can be so stressful. I can definitely sympathize and understand. Just remember, it won’t last forever. You don’t need to spend your emotional energy getting too upset. Trying to figure out the best solution would help you more rather than sitting in your feelings of despair. 

I really hope you survive these toddler tantrums!! I know I will, one cup of coffee at a time!

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