The secret to being a ‘good’ parent? Follow your instincts, not your fears. –

I learned it the hard way, the very hard way. There is no magic wand and there are no secrets to being a good parent. Except this one: follow your instincts, not your fears. My kids are adults now, and there are still times when fear rules. The difference is that now it takes less … Continue reading The secret to being a ‘good’ parent? Follow your instincts, not your fears. –

We Are Disadvantaging Our Children by Limiting Vocational Education.

The current UK curriculum is not fit for over 50% of our students. When you educate a child, you educate a village and an entire nation. That is why you should never give up on any child, anywhere in the world — Unicef As political parties change so does the priority for education. Generally speaking, a Labour government favours a vocational curriculum. A Conservative government, a more academic curriculum.

How to Create a Bookworm Using a Bedtime Reading Routine.

The benefits of reading to your child. If you read one book a night to your child, when they are 5 they will have read 1825 books. My greatest joy as a parent is reading my little girl her bedtime story every night. I have actually got annoyed with my partner when she has tried to take the job away from me. As she is nearly two years old I have started moving away from the quick reads. Into the world of chapter books. So far the books we have covered have been The Magic Faraway Tree, a personal favourite of mine from when I was a child. We have now started a series of books, where the heroine shares the same name as her. I am beyond excited at the prospect of starting to read Harry Potter to her. This is a tradition that has been passed on through many generations. As a child, I remember my mum reading to me, her father read to her. It was a tradition I was determined to continue. Since she was born I have missed only one evening. For this time I told her a story, over the phone, that I had memorised. It was actually the Billy Goats Gruff, a story I insisted my mum read to me at least once a week. If you don’t read to your children at night, I urge you to start. The benefits far outweigh the time. Incidentally, I always leave my phone downstairs when I go to read to her. No interruptions are allowed.

What to Do When Your Child Has an Infantile Seizure

The do’s and don’ts when faced with an infantile seizure. Infantile seizures are more common than you think. Last week my little one suffered a series of seizures, due to a high temperature. A temperature is anything over 37.5C when taking a child’s temperature, orally. In the majority of cases, these are nothing to worry about. They stop when the child turns 5 years old. They are also often only triggered by high temperatures. On rare occasions, they may be a sign of something underlying. It is always wise to seek medical attention on the first occasion.

Only Ain’t Lonely: Debunking The Single-Child Stigma by Jill Valentino

Because it takes a village, not the presence or absence of siblings, to raise a decent, well-adjusted kid. Until the age of 8, my firstborn daughter Saige was an only child. This was not my original plan. Secondary infertility extended my initial hope of a three year age gap to a reality of eight. And … Continue reading Only Ain’t Lonely: Debunking The Single-Child Stigma by Jill Valentino