Patience For Your Children Is Key by Noemi McElearney

Showing your child patience through any situation helps show them how to treat others well. 

This may seem like common sense, but showing our children patience is actually not done enough. I’ve seen a lot of parents lately these past two weeks loose patience with their children. The end of the school year is approaching and everyone is ready for summer break.

I’m not okay with the lack of patience, even though I clearly can see many parents are. Newsflash, even if your children are now 6 or 7, they are still children. They make mistakes, cry, become frustrated, and they need patient parents now more than ever.

Photo by S&B Vonlanthenon Unsplash

Why? You are teaching them how to behave. Whatever you’re showing them, they are mirroring. 

Patience needs to be shown more to children, no matter if it’s almost summer break or not.

Photo by Patricia Prudenteon Unsplash

Losing patience isn’t ideal for them to learn when they are little. They soak it all up. I wasn’t taught enough patience at all. All I remember is not learning how to cook because my mom didn’t teach me. She didn’t teach me because she lacked the patience. It has negatively affected my life. 

There are so many benefits to patience.

Having patience can help you build longer lasting friendships. When you’re impatient, you don’t tend to stick around for the long run. Patience is key to have longer relationships with others. 

Teaching patience is one of the best gifts to give to your baby. They’ll be able to handle stress much better. 

Nobody likes stress. Stress can drain you in multiple ways: emotionally, physically, and mentally. Learned patience is much more valuable at a younger age. They won’t have to learn it as an adult like I did. 

Your littles are still “littles.”

I know all the latest parenting trends. I see it all the time!I see different parenting techniques at work. I agree with some and disagree with others. That can take all day so I’ll sum up one parenting technique that does bother me.

I understand you want your baby to grow faster and you treat them as if they’re older. They’re not. They really aren’t. Regardless if you have a younger baby to watch or other things to do. We’re all busy. However, your child still needs your attention and time. Your child needs your patience, guidance, and care.

Photo by Kyle Nieberon Unsplash

The pressures of real life can get to anybody. I’m guilty of letting real life situations get to me too. Everyone is. Trying our hardest is the best option. Your child will remember how much patience you had with them. 

Photo by Boudhayan Biswason Unsplash

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