A Mother’s Comfort by Noemi McElearney

Sometimes that’s all your toddler needs.

As some of you know I have been dealing with toddler tantrums lately.

Tonight I started my evening routine as usual with my two girls.

My oldest needed help with her homework and then she wanted to read 3 more stories with me. However, my toddler was NOT having it tonight. Something felt off. 

I put my toddler in her crib and tried to hurry through my evening routine with my oldest but SHE wasn’t having it either.

Photo by Arwan Sutantoon Unsplash

I was at a loss. I struggled through the rest of the routine and finished reading the books. My husband had intervened at this point but it was plain and simple, my baby wanted me. As I was brushing my baby girl’s teeth I recounted my day quickly. What is going on? I wondered to myself.

My toddler throws fits at times but very rarely at bedtime. She’s such a great kid it’s almost a shock when we have a rough time with her.

Finally, my oldest was in bed after prayers. I rushed to pick up baby girl. She immediately quieted down. I was a little in shock and of course melted. She was pulling at my heartstrings! As I tucked her into bed with me, it felt as if a lightbulb had turned on in my brain. I had held her all day today. 

Photo by Caroline Hernandezon Unsplash

Usually, I’m at the computer writing and not holding my toddler. She’s old enough to play on her own now. I needed a break today from the computer and mother instincts seemed to have taken over. I may be a blogger, but I am a mother too. So, I held my baby most of the day and of course my oldest wanted all the attention to.

It’s tough. It can be hard feeling like both are tugging at you. But there’s only one of me! 

Photo by Abbie Berneton Unsplash

Toddler tantrums are tough especially at night. Everyone is tired and ready to sleep. Everyone has a schedule and we all need our time to sleep or relax. 

It could be all your toddler needs are cuddles when going through tantrums.

Sometimes, all your baby needs is YOU. I cuddled my baby and when she was calm we put her in her crib for the3rdtime tonight. She rolled on her side and fell asleep. My oldest then did too.

Photo by Peter Oslanecon Unsplash

As much as I’d like to co-sleep, my back will not allow me to anymore. I will always let my kids fall asleep next to me if they need it, but we always put them back into their beds afterwards. Having terrible back pain, I do need my time to get as much rest as possible before the aches and pains begin in the morning. 

Help your toddler get through their rough times.

Holding your children to help calm them down is never a bad thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am all for the cry it out method, for a very short time. I always feel like if your baby is crying, they’re trying to tell you something yet, they cannot. Don’t ignore their cries. Simply help them instead. 

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