How to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Children

Using token economies to reward positive behaviour. Whether you are a parent or teacher, rewarding good behaviour has to be a priority. This principle teaches children what behaviour should be repeated and which shouldn’t. A reward for positive behaviour could be something as simple as praise. Imagine the scenario your child is bored, you haven’t had enough time to spend in the day with them. It happens we are all busy people. They start to kick the chairs and throw things in the lounge, due to the boredom. You go over to them, putting your work down and deal with their behaviour.

Mom Stop Being Bossy! You Are So Rude! by Shobha Ray

I told my six-year-old boy“Can you please put your toys back in its proper place?” He said, “Mom stop being bossy!”The way my son spoke just shattered me. I feel like I am still fumbling around and making my way through this new stage of motherhood. When he came back from school I asked him, “Can you please remove your clothes?”He was annoyed and said, “Mom stop being rude!” I felt offended by his words.