Lessons to Learn from Across the Atlantic: Who has a better educational system, the U.S. or U.K.? by Rebecca Grant

“Do you prefer the educational system here or in the U.S.?” a parent recently asked me. For context, I am an American living in the U.K. Having taught at the elementary school level in each country and now as a parent, I suppose I am uniquely placed to answer such a question. The answer is, … Continue reading Lessons to Learn from Across the Atlantic: Who has a better educational system, the U.S. or U.K.? by Rebecca Grant

Role Model Positive Behaviour To Your Children.

We live in a world of consumers. Our capacity as consumers is growing daily.  Is this behaviour a result of advertising or is this learnt behaviour. I recently wrote a post detailing how products were no longer made to last. This caused an increase in rubbish. However, it is not through our consumerism that we are killing the planet. Many people have a general disregard for the area around them and the planet. You only have to look at the news and see the devastation that rubbish is causing to our marine life to see the problem.

Our Children Are Inheriting A Landfill Site

What we can do to change the balance in this throwaway society? If you have ever decluttered your house and stared at all the bin bags of rubbish, you will understand my point. Our culture today is to consume, consume, consume. Whether it’s clothes, shoes or items for the house we all buy a multitude of product. Most of us upgrade our phone yearly when there is nothing wrong with the old one. The advertising and new improvements keep us coming back for more. Is this due to the constant advertisements and today’s culture or is it something more? Products from the last decade do not last, as well as they did in earlier years.

Can Your Approach Change Reactions?

Yesterday I decided to take my daughter to the local park. She is 18 months old and her love in life is the swing. Hours we could spend swinging her. As we approached the field, from a distance, we could see three teenage boys at the children’s swing. They had done the normal and tied the swing up by turning it over and over the bar. My partner asked what we were going to do. My reply I’m going to ask them to pull the swing down for me or turn it back around myself.

Mrs Activity – Fun Resources for Parents and Teachers

Mrs Mactivity is a brilliant website for both teachers and parents. Mrs Mactivity is a real visual learning experience. The handouts are bright and engaging, attracting users to them. Mrs Mactivity has thought of everything within her resources. You have a choice of fonts and the seasonal events are for both UK and USA users. … Continue reading Mrs Activity – Fun Resources for Parents and Teachers