Patience For Your Children Is Key by Noemi McElearney

Showing your child patience through any situation helps show them how to treat others well.  This may seem like common sense, but showing our children patience is actually not done enough. I’ve seen a lot of parents lately these past two weeks loose patience with their children. The end of the school year is approaching … Continue reading Patience For Your Children Is Key by Noemi McElearney

Remove That Negative Person The Excuses Don’t Count

The quote above resonated with me. Mainly because there are times in my life I would have loved to have that strength of character. The truth is we all stay in relationships that are bad for us. We justify it with a handful of excuses, but the feelings are always there. The excuses help us avoid the real reason we don’t leave. We are not strong enough. Whether in a romantic relationship or that with family and friends the excuses are always the same.

The Real Life Effects of SAD 

How minor changes can help minimise the effects of seasonal affective disorder. Within the UK at present we are in the middle of winter. Winter means shorter days and longer nights. Many people with SAD will be suffering at present. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has become widely known about in the last five years. For many suffering with SAD, it has stopped the endless days of suffering in silence. SAD is a type of depression that comes from a change in seasonal patterns. Known as the ‘Winter Blues’ the symptoms can be debilitating and far-reaching. Symptoms for SAD become more prominent in particularly severe winters. It’s like having your own portable black cloud — Anon

Our Children Are Inheriting A Landfill Site

What we can do to change the balance in this throwaway society? If you have ever decluttered your house and stared at all the bin bags of rubbish, you will understand my point. Our culture today is to consume, consume, consume. Whether it’s clothes, shoes or items for the house we all buy a multitude of product. Most of us upgrade our phone yearly when there is nothing wrong with the old one. The advertising and new improvements keep us coming back for more. Is this due to the constant advertisements and today’s culture or is it something more? Products from the last decade do not last, as well as they did in earlier years.